Custom family dolls


This is my Family.
For a while I've been looking for an original idea to remember Us, the way we are at this moment of our life.
Finally, I got the funniest idea: I decided to make a cute 3D picture!

I created a puppet for each one of us (including our dog, of course!), and I made sure they were removable: each one has a little Velcro trim on its back, with whom they can be sticked to the picture.
In this way my kids can enjoy it even more, playing with them as if they were dolls.

You can have your framed Family too! I will be more than happy to create a custom family portrait for you.
This would be a great Christmas (or Birthday, or Anniversary, or Valentine's Day...!) gift, isn't it?

All you have to do is choose the figures quantity in the drop down menu on the left (pets too count as a figure), then send me a photo of all of you (or more than one, if you prefer), plus a list of the details you want me to include.
If I do not receive instructions regarding the clothing, I will copy the clothes pictured in your photo.


- totally handmade using 100% cotton yarn
- stuffed with 100% pure polyester fiberfill (extra-soft, non-allergic)
- the frame is is made of wood, with a wooden plate to which a felt sheet is attached.
- If the figures are less then 4, they will be attached vertically on the frame (as in the last photo).


- An adult doll measures about 6 x 2 inches (15 x 5 cm).
- A child measures 4.3 x 2 inches (11 x 5 cm).
- A sitting baby measures 3 x 2 inches (8 x 5 cm).
- The frame measures 11.4 x 9.4 inches (29 x 24 cm).

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