A family portrait as a special gift April 20, 2018 18:36

family portrait


If I were asked which is my favorite product from my collection, I would answer the Family portrait. If you're looking for a fun and unexpected way to represent your family, you will love it too!

This new product brought a breath of fresh air to my shop. Not just because it's fun and cheerful, but because it definitely lets me interact more with my customers, and it gives me the opportunity to know more about their personalities.

You know, to have an online shop can sometimes limit the relationships with people. The messages we send each other are often about product details, and shipping options, and blah blah blah...

I worked for a long time in Brick and mortar stores, and the contact with people is the only thing that I miss from that period (but it's the only one huh? I looove my actual job).


custom crochet dolls


Another thing that I really like about this Family portrait is that it allows me to wander with my creativity: each person/figure is different, and I get often asked to add a prop to each one of them, something that represents a particular hobby or interest.

Also, did you notice? There's always a special member of the family which certainly can't be missing in the custom portrait! Dangling ears, fluffy tails... Cats and dogs are so fun to make!

If your Anniversary day's approaching and you're considering to make a very special gift to someone you love, something that will last forever in your family's (or couple) memories, express your originality: this family portrait is peeeerfect for you!

Curious? You can find it here.


custom couple portrait